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Artists from 24 countries on the final Electric Castle 2022 poster | FESTIVALPHOTO

Artists from 24 countries on the final Electric Castle 2022 poster



Nearly 300 artists from 24 countries, 10 stages, 100 hours of live music- this translates into numbers the musical experience prepared for Electric Castle (EC). The festival presents its final poster for the 8th edition, which is expected to be attended by over 250 thousand people.

The formula that brought Electric Castle the notoriety of being the festival in Romania with the greatest diversity of musical styles is preserved this year as well. Rock, metal, pop, indie, hip hop, electro or trap will be brought by twenty one pilots, Deftones, Gorillaz, Moderat, Editors, continued by Romanian artists who are, today, fully included on the event poster.

"It's a line-up built around diversity, but also our vision to bring fresh names to each edition, which the public has become accustomed to discovering in Electric Castle," says Edmond Lenarth, Head of Booking EC.

"In a year with many last-minute changes in tour dates and artist availability, we are able to offer complexity, quality and the pleasure of new discoveries through relevant artists from different musical areas."

artists Electric Castle 2022 - final poster

From the USA, Great Britain, France, to Turkey, Niger, Belarus, bands or DJs from 24 countries will be present, between July 13 and 17, on the Banffy domain, in Bonțida. Romania occupies an important place, with over 100 artists in the program. Zdob and Zdub, Vita de Vie, Coma, Subcarpați and Delia are scheduled on the main stage, while byron, Robin and the Backstabbers, Șuie Paparude, Dor de Duh, om la luna or The Mono Jacks are “at Hangar ”, The favorite scene for alternative music. On the list of (re) discovered are names like Cătălina Cara, Balkan Taksim, Simion Bogdan Mihai & Silk Fiddlers in the Backyard, the scene located in the unique space near the castle. The artists' program for each day of the festival is available today on

Electric Castle 2022 artists - Roman artists

From May 20, the price of season tickets and one-day tickets will increase to 159, respectively 70 Euros (plus taxes). The organizers recommend everyone to establish, as soon as possible, their accommodation for the event, the options in the campsite and in the vicinity of the festival are already very limited.

All details about tickets and schedule are available on


Skribent: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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