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Evanescence concert in our country: where we can hear Amy Lee live | FESTIVALPHOTO

Evanescence concert in our country: where we can hear Amy Lee live


The concert of the well-known American band, Evanescence, will take place in Romania, in 2022, at the Roman Arenas, in the open air.

The show will take place on June 7, 2022, at the Roman Arenas, one of the most suitable locations for such events with the public.

Evanescence is one of the most popular rock bands in the United States, not a fan of the genre that does not appreciate the special voice of soloist Amy Lee. The band has sold tens of millions of copies of their albums worldwide, receiving numerous nominations, as well as international awards, two Grammys, in 2004, for the song "Bring Me To Life", in the categories "Best New Artist" and " Best Hard Rock Performance ”).

Ticket prices for the Evanescence concert at the Roman Arenas

Premium (with place) - 329 lei earlybird, 349 lei presale and 370 lei at the entrance;
Land (no place, in front of the stage) - 249 lei earlybird, 269 presale and 300 lei at the entrance;
General access (with place) - 159 lei earlybird, 179 lei presale and 200 lei at the entrance.

Tickets for the Evanescence concert can be purchased from the iabilet network.
Important to know before the concert:

For "seats" tickets, access will be made exclusively through the park, through the sides of the arena.
For field tickets, access will be at the lower gates, those in the park.
Tickets give participants access only to the categories in which they purchased their ticket.
To the price of all the tickets ordered during the earlybird and presale periods is added the ticket issuance commission, of 10 lei.
Children under 2 years old have free access only in the field area (under no form on the seats) and only accompanied by an adult ticket holder.
The organizers recommend that fans who come with children under the age of 10 protect their ears with special headphones. At the concert, the volume could be extremely loud, so the hearing of the little ones could be affected.
The organizers are committed to arranging enough points of sale for drinks to avoid queues.
It is recommended to arrive on time, in order to avoid peak hours, at the points of sale of drinks and food.
The organizers will publish a detailed program, a few weeks before the concert.
Access with umbrellas is strictly forbidden, regardless of the weather conditions of that day.

Skribent: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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