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Morcheeba to play live in Bucharest this June - a little history of the band | FESTIVALPHOTO

Morcheeba to play live in Bucharest this June - a little history of the band



Morcheeba (formed in 1995) is a British trip-hop band that fuses rock, jazz and funk elements with silky smooth vocals, hailing from London, UK.

In 1993 while still in their teens brothers Paul and Ross Godfrey moved to London from Kent, UK to pursue their music. Paul a songwriter and DJ producer and Ross a multi instrumentalist produced a demo tape of several of their instrumental mixes however garnered little attention from labels until meeting singer Skye Edwards at a party. Before long Morcheeba was formed and the trio were recording songs in their home studio.

In 1995 the Godfrey brothers co-produced six tracks on Dave Byrne’s album “Feelings” and soon after came a record deal with China records and the release of their debut EP “Trigger Hippie” in October 1995. Soon after in April 1996 Morcheeba released their debut album “Who Can You Trust?” which highlighted the band’s hip-hop roots, psychedelic influences and soulful vocals. Following the release the band toured with Live and Fiona Apple across North America.

Morcheeba’s follow-up release saw the band take a pop direction, moving towards a more mainstream sound and away from trip-hop. The album entitled “Big Calm” (1998) proved to be a big seller and featured the radio-favourite “The Sea”. Their third album “Fragments of Free” performed similarly well in the charts to “Big Calm” but lacked the critical acclaim. Morcheeba's fourth album “Charango” (2002) saw an increasingly modest role for Edwards in the band and was followed by an extensive tour of the U.S.

In 2003 The Godfrey brothers announced the band’s separation, during which time the greatest hit compilation “Parts of the Process” and the live DVD “Morcheeba: From Brixton to Beijing” kept the Morcheeba flame burning bright.

In 2004 the brothers returned to Morcheeba and enlisted the vocal help of ex-Noonday Underground singer Daisy Martey who provided the lyrics for the band’s fifth studio album “The Antidote”. Martey was soon sacked half way through a tour and replaced by Jody Sternberg, Martey sued over breach of contract. Morcheeba’s sixth studio album saw a return of the Godfrey brothers as producers who enlisted the help of five vocalists to perform on 2008's “Dive Deep” including Judie Tzuke and Thomas Dybdahl.

Edwards and Morcheeba had remained on the same management company, which in 2009 led to their chance meeting and before long Edwards’ return. Making her live return to the band at the Caprices Festival, Switzerland, Morcheeba released their seventh studio album “Blood Like Lemonade” in June 2010. The band embarked on a eighteenth-month tour and have subsequently released their eighth album “Head Up High” in October 2013.

Morcheeba is a downtempo trip-hop band from the United Kingdom. The show they put on at the Gloria Theatre in Cologne, Germany was amazing.

The frontwoman, Skye Edwards, is a stunningly beautiful singer, and she has a gorgeous voice. The atmosphere evoked by their music was very chill and mellow. Skye was so incredibly sexy and gorgeous dancing around in a elegant red dress. Her seductively eloquent singing made me feel like we were all alone together, just me and her, even though I was surrounded by other concert goers.

The mood was so romantic, they would be the perfect band to see with that special someone in your life. The instrumentals were also a quite wonderful blend of electronic psychedelia and good vibes. From the darkly evocative "Moog Island" all the way through energetic masterpiece "Rome Wasn't Built in a Day", Morcheeba took me to another world with their music, a world of sultry fantasy and whimsical delight.

By the end of the show they had everyone in the crowd was dancing completely unselfconsciously. I had such an enjoyable night, swaying and singing along to the music with all the other fans of Morcheeba, it felt like being home.

Skribent: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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