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CAMO & KROOKED are coming to the Romanian Arenas | FESTIVALPHOTO

CAMO & KROOKED are coming to the Romanian Arenas



Tomorrow, Saturday, December 10, Romanian Arenas (heated tent)

Tomorrow we'll see you at the Romanian Arenas for the legendary party with CAMO & KROOKED. We will celebrate not only the connection across generations that we share through the parties, but also 14 years of existence for the dnb arena community. Rendezvous will take the stage together with the British MC AD, Hartelion, Memphys and Lazy in Hell, with VLC on visuals.

The tickets at the advance price are sold out, there are still those at the full price that can be bought either online or at the gate tomorrow when you arrive at the arena. Details here:

You can find all the information for the event in the event posts on Facebook:

See you in the arena!


Skribent: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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