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Bruce Dickinson Brings to Life the Music of John Lord and Deep Purple, with a Symphonic Orchestra - March 15, 2023 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Bruce Dickinson Brings to Life the Music of John Lord and Deep Purple, with a Symphonic Orchestra - March 15, 2023



BRUCE DICKINSON (Iron Maiden) – vocals, Tanya O'Callaghan – bass, John O'Hara (Jethro Tull) – keyboards/hammond, Kaitner Z Doka (Jon Lord, Ian Paice…) – guitar, Bernhard Welz (Jon Lord, Don Airey...) - drums, along with Paul Mann (Deep Purple, Jon Lord...) - conductor plus a full symphony orchestra, Bucharest Film Orchestra (of 80 people), offers you the music of Jon Lord and Deep Purple on March 15, 2023 at the Palatului Hall in Bucharest! Tickets go on sale on Monday, October 24 at 10:00 a.m.

Paul Bruce Dickinson (born 7 August 1958) is an English singer who has been the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden from 1981 to 1993 and 1999–present. He is known for his wide-ranging operatic vocal style and energetic stage presence.

Dickinson began his career in music fronting small pub bands in the 1970s while attending school in Sheffield and university in London. In 1979, he joined British new wave heavy metal band Samson, with whom he gained some popularity under the stage name "Bruce Bruce" and performed on two studio records. He left Samson in 1981 to join Iron Maiden, replacing Paul Di'Anno, and debuted on their 1982 album The Number of the Beast. During his first tenure in the band, they issued a series of US and UK platinum and gold albums in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Dickinson quit Iron Maiden in 1993 (being replaced by Blaze Bayley) to pursue his solo career, which saw him experiment with a wide variety of heavy metal and rock styles. He re-joined the band in 1999, along with guitarist Adrian Smith, and has released six subsequent studio albums with the band. Since his return to Iron Maiden, he issued one further solo record in 2005, Tyranny of Souls. His younger cousin, Rob Dickinson, is the former lead singer of British alternative rock band Catherine Wheel, while his son, Austin, fronted the metalcore band Rise to Remain.

As a funny note, In 2013, Iron Maiden collaborated with Robinsons Brewery in Stockport to create Trooper, a 4.8% cask/4.7% bottled ale whose recipe Dickinson formulated with head brewer Martyn Weeks. As of May 2014, the beer has sold 2.5 million pints in 40 countries, making it Robinsons' most successful export.

Following Trooper's success, Dickinson, a fan of traditional English cask beer, stated that he intends to develop more beers in the future, although new products will be "under the umbrella of Trooper and not Iron Maiden [as] Trooper has taken on a life of its own. People drink it because they like the beer, not because they are Maiden fans." Additional beers have included Trooper Red 'N' Black Porter (5.8 per cent ABV), Trooper Hallowed (6.0 per cent ABV), and a limited-edition "666" (at 6.66 per cent ABV).

Although Dickinson never received formal training, he still possesses a wide vocal range which was trademarked by his quasi-operatic tenor. Along with Ronnie James Dio and Rob Halford, Dickinson is one of the pioneers of the operatic vocal style later to be adopted by power metal vocalists and regularly appears near the top in lists of the greatest rock vocalists/front-men of all time. Dickinson says that his style was influenced primarily by Arthur Brown, Peter Hammill (Van der Graaf Generator), Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) and Ian Gillan (Deep Purple).

Dickinson's singing varied in the 1990s in the recording of albums such as No Prayer for the Dying, Fear of the Dark and his first solo work Tattooed Millionaire, making use of a much more raspy and unpolished sound, befitting their stripped down style. Since returning to Iron Maiden in 1999, his singing style has returned to much like it was in the 1980s, though his voice has lowered with age. According to a report published in the Daily Mirror, Dickinson has an estimated vocal range of 4.25 octaves. His voice led to the nickname "The Air Raid Siren", which Billboard states is "due to the ferocious power of his singing", although Dickinson claims it actually originated from a fan complaint.

In addition to his vocal ability, Dickinson has been described as an energetic stage performer. He considers including the audience "the essence of the Maiden experience" and that his role is to "shrink the venue ... to turn that football stadium into the world's smallest club".To achieve this, Dickinson seeks eye contact with audience members and urges them to join in with the phrase "scream for me" (followed by the concert's location). He is critical of performers who do not connect with their fans, particularly those who "[hide] behind the amps" and use an autocue, remarking that "people pay good money and [they] can't even remember the sodding words".

The tickets for the musical event on March 15 at the Sala Palatului have the following prices:

presale: VIP 489 lei, Cat A 429 lei, Cat B 349 lei, Cat C 259 lei
for access: VIP 520 lei, Cat A 450 lei, Cat B 400 lei, Cat C 300 lei

The ticket issuance fee of 15 lei is added to the price of all tickets ordered in earlybird and presale.

Tickets can be found in electronic format on and in Flanco, Muzica, IQ BOX stores and Selfpay terminals. Online, you can pay with your card, Paypal, Sodexo and Edenred cultural voucher cards, on your Vodafone or Orange invoice or cash on delivery via Fan Courier anywhere in the country.

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Skribent: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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