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Pantera Healdlines the Metalhead Meeting 2023 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Pantera Healdlines the Metalhead Meeting 2023



Pantera - Metalhead Meeting 2023

Friday, May 26, 2023 - Sunday, May 28, 2023
Start time
Access time / gate opening
Location type
Exhibition centers
Romexpo, Bucharest
Organized by
BestMusic Live Concerts Metalhead

In 2023, Metalhead Meeting celebrates 10 years since the first edition with a special event that will take place between May 26 and 28 at Romexpo, outdoors. One of the headliners is the band Pantera, who will perform on May 27. The band Life of Agony takes the stage on the last day of the festival.

Ville Valo joins the Metalhead Meeting lineup as a headliner on May 26th. The setlist will include mostly HIM songs, but also own songs, including from the recently released album, "Neon Noir".

Other confirmed bands, mostly from the second stage: Black Sonic Pearls, Rhemorha, OYD, Black Tooth, Fueled by Fear, Ironwill, Sense of Fear, Nest of Plagues, Spektrum, Psychorepaths. More names coming soon.

Metalhead Meeting 2023 Tickets

Only 10,500 subscriptions are on sale. The organizers do not plan to sell one-day tickets.

VIP - 734.8 lei (On the elevated platform, close to the stage with bar and separate access. Only 500 tickets)
Cowboys from Hell (A) - 467.06 lei (No seat in front of the stage.)
Concrete Sledge (B) - 364.09 lei (No seat behind Category A)

*At the entrance, subscriptions cost 450 lei for Category A and 400 lei for Category B.

**The issuing commission of the ticketing agency is added to the price of all subscriptions.

***Access for children under 7 is free if they are accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket.

Pantera comes at the Metalhead Meeting

After almost 20 years since the breakup, the band surprised its fans with a reunion that includes the surviving members, lead singer Philip Anselmo and bassist Rex Brown. In 2004, guitarist Dimebag Darrell was shot and killed at Alrosa Villa in Ohio. In 2018, Darrell's brother, drummer Vinnie Paul died at the age of 54 from a heart problem.

Pantera is synonymous with legend, a cult band for rock and metal listeners of all ages, a name that can always be placed alongside the great bands of the genre such as Metallica, Iron Maiden or AC/DC.

The quartet of Phillip Anslemo, guitarist Dimebag Darrell, his brother, drummer Vinnie Paul and bassist Rex Brown quickly rose to global success in the 90s with multiple platinum and gold albums, sold out tours, live performances and four Grammy Award nominations. Even today their songs are considered some masterpieces of metal music and some real cornerstones for heavy metal music on albums like "Cowboys From Hell", "Vulgar Display Of Power", but also the album that reached number 1 in Billboard, "Far Beyond Driven". The four Texans went on to inspire many bands as they amassed millions of devoted fans around the world.

Life of Agony hails from Brooklyn, New York and has been active since 1989. Lead singer Mina Caputa, bassist Alan Robert and guitarist Joey Z laid the foundations of the band. So far they have released six studio materials, the most successful being the very debut disc, "Rever Runs Red" which the famous magazine Rolling Stone included in the list of the best metal albums in history. The musical style addressed could be defined mainly as alternative metal, but influences from grunge, heavy and no metal are visible in the compositions of the artists.

Songs like "Through and Through", "This Time", "River Runs Red" or "Underground", songs with millions of views on Youtube, will be heard for the first time in Bucharest on the Metalhead Meeting stage, sung by the unmistakable voice of Mina Caputo .


Skribent: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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