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The people behind Back 2 Party, without whom, life would be total emptiness:) | FESTIVALPHOTO

The people behind Back 2 Party, without whom, life would be total emptiness:)



So we cannot wait to get to experience this crazy party everyone is talking about, but who are the people behind this unique venture?

First of all, this is no ordinary party, it is a celebration like no other. It is friends getting together and putting up a show that will be forever remembered.

In a more or less aphabetical order, we will prezent the stars of the evening, starting with the one and only:

Addi is one of the most promising DJs of his generation, and with his appearance at Neversea last year alongside the Kiss FM Party, where he impressed the audience, he has become a constant presence on the Kiss FM shows.
He recently mixed at the Ice Hotel in Bâlea Lac as part of Winter Kiss and had a festival-worthy set as part of the Kiss Kiss show in The Mix, where he also officially launched his new visual identity.
Addi is also a producer, and those present at our party will have the opportunity to listen to his first single for the first time.
You can find Addi on:
YouTube -
Instagram -

NAZEF is a young producer and DJ from Baia Mare who already had notable presences at UNTOLD and OWPN Academy, and recently became a resident DJ in a local club in his hometown.
He mixes EDM with Psy-trance and is generally versatile when it comes to mixing music. He "collaborated" including with the President, his remixes "Jo No POT Kivanok" or "Esti cautious or esti stupid" gathering hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube along with the famous remix for the song "Oțelul Galați" from Pancronic.
In addition to that, NAZEF also has some original songs in its discography such as "Arabia" or "Play With My Mind".
You can find NAZEF on:
YouTube -
Spotify -
Instagram -

But aside from the official presentation above, Nazef is the Official Cake ME Guy, at UNTOLD, or wherever Steve Aoki plays in Romania. He has been officialy caked at the last two UNTOLD editions, and has even appered on the Official AfterParty Video from UNTOLD 2021, and had his own gig at UNTOLD 2022. I even got caked, during the 2022 performance of Steve Aoki, at UNTOLD 2022, because of this guy. So the moral of the story, is: If you wanna get caked, stay close to Nazef!!:))

Pandutzu, is a renowned blogger, vlogger, story teller, marathon runner, festival marathonist, and the list could go on for hours. Pandutzu is the perfect portrait of a survivor, always on his two feet, and always broadcasting from the hottest concerts and festivals in the world. No later than the last year, Pandutzu broke all the known records for the most festivals attended in a single year, and he has a lot of material to prove it. And if you want to be by his side at this special party, Pandutzu set out to celebrate his return to Romania with his first DJ set. That is if he manages to master the Rekordbox by then, of course. He is preparing a disco-electro-dnb mix of his favorite tracks that he hopes to mix in a style "that will appeal to everyone".

Pandutzu can be found here:

Diana Căldăraru or "the girl with the piano" as she likes to be called, has been making music since she was 3 years old and you may have seen her in the final of Romanians have Talent 2013 or at the X Factor 2014 where she managed to impress both the jurors and the home audience.
Once she starts playing the piano, Diana manages to deliver a unique performance, mixing jazz influences combined with electronic/alternative and classical motifs.
In addition to well-known songs performed in her own style, Diana will also offer us some of her own compositions that will surely touch your heart.
You can find Diana on:
YouTube -
Spotify -
Instagram -
TikTok -

You can listen to Andrei Mușat every Sunday from 20:00 on Virgin Radio on the Sunday Club show, and for this party he is preparing an eclectic playlist that will surely make you dance. Andrei is the cherry on the top, the man of the hour, the most celebrated guest of the Night.


Skribent: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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