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LP, the Rockstar returns to Bucharest at Summer in the City Festival 2023 | FESTIVALPHOTO

LP, the Rockstar returns to Bucharest at Summer in the City Festival 2023



LP, the Rockstar returns to Bucharest at Summer in the City!

There is less than a month left until Summer in the City, the most anticipated summer festival in Bucharest, when famous artists, including the greatest entertainer of the moment, Robbie Williams, Romanian artists and DJs, will officially take the stage in Constitution Square.

Among these artists is Laura Pergolizzi known for almost 20 years to the international audience under the stage name LP. The composer from Los Angeles, who later became a singer, is a unique character in the landscape of international music: rockstar, fashion icon, "lyrical storyteller", are just some of the expressions used by the international press to address her.

Coming from a typical Italian family in Long Island, but inheriting her mother's love of music, Laura Pergolizzi moved to New York City in 1996, dropping out of school to sign her first major label deals. He currently lives in Los Angeles, considering city life to be his main source of inspiration.

Over the years, LP has built a solo career that is clear evidence of his will and perseverance, although his first job in NY was in a restaurant. Before finally stepping into the limelight as an artist, she made a name for herself as a songwriter. He wrote some of the most famous hits of famous soloists and bands, such as Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys, Cher.

LP, who is preparing to release his new single "Golden", describes himself as a man of action, "a musician first, a VIP second".

Exploding into the international charts with her 2016 hit 'Lost On You', the track which surpassed one billion listens and topped the music charts in over 17 countries, the LP artist's name appeared in renowned publications such as Vogue, placing on the heights of glory.

LP continues to inspire audiences around the world with his androgynous appearances, in outfits always accessorized with sunglasses (a personal trademark). Above all, she has managed to do what she loves, stay true to her own personality, while following her wildest dreams. This year, he has already completed a tour in South America, and recently took to the stage in Australia, and is due to go on tour in California in May. At the beginning of June, she will be in Denmark, and on June 4 we have the pleasure of seeing her again in Bucharest in Constitution Square.

LP alongside famous artists awaits you at Summer in the City, the hottest summer festival in Bucharest, organized by D&D East Entertainment and Marcel Avram.

Tickets for the Summer in the City festival are available on and as day tickets, but also as a festival subscription. Fans can opt for the day their favorite artist performs or a two-day pass, depending on their preference. Prices for a single day start from 369 lei for the General Access category and go up to 1679 lei for the VIP category.


Skribent: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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