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Parkway Drive at the Roman Arenas: Schedule and access rules June 25, 2023 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Parkway Drive at the Roman Arenas: Schedule and access rules June 25, 2023


Parkway Drive at the Roman Arenas: Schedule and access rules
June 25, 2023

Parkway Drive at the Roman Arenas: Schedule and access rules
Those from Parkway Drive will sing in Romania on June 29, 2023, at the outdoor Romanian Arenas. The guests are the Americans from Chelsea Grin.

Parkway Drive come from Australia and have been singing for 20 years, being one of the most popular metal bands in the world. The band's name comes from the name of the street where the artists rehearsed.

Influenced by big names of the international scene, such as Slayer, Iron Maiden or Rage Against the Machine, the Australians have put their own mark on music, demonstrating this by releasing seven studio materials, which reached the charts all over the world.

The most recent album entitled 'Darker Still' was offered to fans last year on September 9, being well received by both the public and critics. The band's tours are always sold out around the world.

Parkway Drive continues under the same formula since 2006, when bassist Jia 'Pie' O'Connor joined the band. The other members are the same since the beginning of the activity in 2003.

Chelsea Grin come from the United States, from Salt Lake City and have been active since 2007, during which they released six studio materials. Although it is one of the most famous deathcore bands, Chealse Grin's music can also be identified with doom or black metal influences and even symphonic in some places. Among the bands that influenced him are Slayer, A Perfect Circle, Whitechapel or Emmure.

A new discography material is coming, entitled Suffer in Heaven, which will be released on March 17 this year. The album will be the continuation of the previous one, 'Suffer in Hell', the two discs being actually a double album.


Access to the Romanian Arena starts at 19:00 and the concerts start at 19:30. After the gates open, you can arrive at any time you want to see your favorite bands. The concert takes place outdoors.

Access for all ticket categories is on foot through Carol Park - Iron Gates

Access is prohibited with:
- bottles, cans;
- food or drinks of any kind;
- fireworks, weapons, dangerous objects;
- laser objects (eg pointers, laser lighters);
- umbrellas (please come with capes if rain is forecast);
- professional or semi-professional photo/video cameras (with removable lens);
- professional or semi-professional audio-video recording devices;
- Pets;
- people with medical problems must have clear evidence on them to be able to enter the concert with the necessary medicines.

The organizers will NOT store and NOT guard the objects presented in the list above during the event!

Upon entering the perimeter of the event, all participants will be searched by security agents.

The organizers inform the participating public that the performances include strong lights that can affect epileptic people.


Access: 19:00
Chelsea Grin: 19:30 - 20:30
Parkway Drive: 9 p.m.-. ..

3. Ticket categories

- Access to the event space will be allowed to only one person based on the valid ticket, only once. The ticket on the basis of which the access will be made must be kept for the entire duration of the concert.

- Leaving the perimeter of the Romanian Arenas, after validating the access ticket, will be strictly prohibited. People who want to leave the event area can do so, but upon exiting their bracelet will be broken and if they want to enter again, they will have to buy other tickets.

- Premium Category - With a seat in Sector E or without a seat in front of the stage in Zone A. Contains: Gift poster, separate bar.
- Category A (Wild Eyes) - No place in front of the stage
- Category B (Vice Grip) - With seat in Sector K or without seat behind Zone A
- Category C (The Void) With less space in the Arena in sectors K and E or without space behind Zone A


Tickets are on sale on at the following prices:
- WILD EYES (category A) - no seat in front of the stage - 299 lei earlybird (first 500) tickets, 329 lei at the press and 350 lei at the entrance
- VICE GRIP (category B) - With a seat in Sector K or without a seat behind Zone A - 259 lei earlybird (the first 500 tickets), 279 lei in the press and 300 lei at the entrance
- THE VOID (category C) - With a seat in the Arena less in sectors K and E or without a seat behind Zone A - 179 lei earlybird (the first 500 tickets), 199 lei in the press and 250 lei at the entrance
- PREMIUM - 499 lei - With a seat in Sector E or without a seat in front of the stage in Zone A. Contains a gift poster, separate bar

PREMIUM ticket holders have access to all ticket categories.
Children under 7 have free access accompanied by an adult with a ticket.
The ticket issuing commission of the ticketing agency is added to the price of all tickets.
A METALHEAD event powered by ROCK FM.

Skribent: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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