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Agony and ecstasy, that was the Guns n Roses concert at the National Arena, on July 16th | FESTIVALPHOTO

Agony and ecstasy, that was the Guns n Roses concert at the National Arena, on July 16th


Agony and ecstasy, that was the Guns n Roses concert at the National Arena

I'm writing this article on the way to another big event of the year, Electric Castle, and almost 24 hours after the Guns n Roses concert, I'm still reliving the intense moments that I went through during the 3 hours that the gunmen in love concert lasted.
It was one of the extremely rare events, when the band's management did not allow the event to be photographed, and so I had the opportunity to participate in this concert, as a mere spectator.

With the lesson learned after so many years of concerts, I came to the Mihai Coravu gate, two hours earlier than the official opening, so that I could have the best possible place in zone B, where I had allocated the ticket. In the classic Romanian style, according to which the score at home does not match the one at the fair, a series of events followed, which eventually put me right in front of the goal on the B lawn in pole position. You know that saying, all's well that ends well.

Coming back to the concert, the recital of the legends from Guns, started somewhere around 8 pm and lasted about 3 hours. It was three hours, in which the emotions of the more than 60 thousand spectators went through all possible colors, from the nostalgia of the first love, consumed with insatiability while dancing with their bodies tightly pressed, to the immortal ballads of Guns, to the horror felt about the bad sound system in the first part of the concert. It was a concert that seemed to start with a bang, and which recovered like the Phoenix bird, to get the whole arena to its feet and sing in unison the much-loved songs Estranged, Civil War, Welcome to the jungle, Sweet Child of Mine , Don't Cry, Patience, You Could be Mine, Mr Brownstone, November Rain or Knockin'on Heaven's Door.
As I said, the first part of the concert made us feel like we were at a more rural festival, where the drums were too loud, the guitar sounded too muffled, and Axl's voice disappeared completely. Thank goodness the issues were rectified halfway through the concert, allowing us all to fully enjoy Slash's unmistakable mastery of delivering those unmistakable riffs, the songs that have brought us joy so many times in this life and we I listened to them there first hand.
The second part of the concert, moreover, the one in which the Guns sang their most beloved hits one after the other, everyone was on their feet, creating an enchanting atmosphere from the tens of thousands of phones with flashlights on, tens of thousands of voices humming in unison songs like Civil War, Estranged, Don't Cry or November Rain. It was as if a timeless tunnel had opened and everyone found themselves in some of the most beautiful moments of their lives and their favorite band was there to color their memories extremely beautifully.
The instrumental interpretation was a masterful one, the band seemed to feel the extraordinary vibe that had been created, the concert extending with over an hour of encore. I don't know if it was planned this way from the start, but we enjoyed every moment when our skin got goosebumps and we sang in unison the lyrics of some of the most beloved songs of all time. Thank you for the ecstasy, for the moments when we felt like we were in paradise, for the tons of pleasant memories, for the extremely pleasant touches when we danced to Don't Cry, November Rain, Civil War or Estranged.
And to be a little objective, we will refer a little to the elephant in the room, namely AXL's voice, which many times brought the voice of an old woman who just lost her prosthesis. No, we don't want to be haters, nor to inflame any controversy, but many times AXL's voice took the field. It's admirable that he doesn't give up, that even though he was speechless many times during the recital, AXL found new and new resources to come back and continue the concert. And finally, let's say the right one, there have always been critics of AXL's voice and this since the time when they were in their prime and at their peak, so in the end we have to consider that Guns' n Roses are accomplished artists, who produced a real current and influenced generations upon generations with their music. That's what we came to see at the National Arena, some indisputable legends of world rock, to listen to a guitar that you couldn't confuse even if you wanted to, and so we were happy to be touched by this state of grace and let's be in the same space with these gods of world rock'n'roll. Thank you for your awesomeness, Guns'n Roses, thank you for letting us knock on heaven's door!!!

Skribent: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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