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The first round of subscriptions for Untold Festival 2024 has sold out | FESTIVALPHOTO

The first round of subscriptions for Untold Festival 2024 has sold out



The first round of subscriptions for Untold Festival 2024 has sold out

First 10,000 subscriptions for Untold 2024. The organizers of Untold, a festival that ranks 3rd in Europe and 6th worldwide, according to the official Top 100 Festivals ranking, made by DJ Mag, announce that on September 12, at 12:00, the first 10,000 tickets will go on sale of subscriptions for the 2024 edition. Untold 2024 subscriptions

For fans who register at, these subscriptions will be specially priced at €99 plus tax. Enthusiastic Untold Festival fans are encouraged to register on the event's official website to get priority purchase of these special passes.

Online registration gives them the chance to access the subscriptions before the general sale and ensures them the opportunity to enjoy all the experiences prepared by the organizers for next year's edition.

Each edition of the festival becomes a special story, in which fans from all over the world participate. Untold has gained international recognition for its breathtaking shows, impressive visual productions and because the organizers bring top artists and DJs from the international music industry to the heart of Transylvania every year.

This year, Untold, the festival that put Romania on the map of the biggest events, climbed to the 6th place in the Top 100 Festivals, consolidating its position as one of the most appreciated festivals in the world, and managed to reach the top of the 3 biggest festivals organized in Europe, along with Tomorrowland (Belgium) and Glastonbury (Great Britain).

Over 20,000 Untold festival fans secured entry to the 9th edition of one of the biggest festivals in the world. Untold 2024 subscriptions Untold 2024 subscriptions

The creators of the most beautiful festival experience initially prepared 10,000 subscriptions for the first round of sales. However, more than 60,000 fans registered on the festival's website wanted to purchase the tickets that ensure their entry into this magical realm.

Because the number of people who entered the website to purchase a season ticket was extremely high, the organizers decided to offer several fans the chance to buy one of the season tickets on sale for the 2024 edition. Thus, more than 20,000 subscriptions, far exceeding the initial number prepared for the first stage of sales. Untold fans are invited to register at as a new round of sales will soon be available on the festival website.

In 2023, more than 420,000 fans from all over the world have enjoyed the world's biggest artists and DJs and the experiences offered by the 3rd largest festival in Europe and 6th largest worldwide, the Untold festival.

Skribent: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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