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UNTOLD Dubai's First Mega Music Festival Unveiling – 10,000 Tickets Sold in Pre-Sale Frenzy! | FESTIVALPHOTO

UNTOLD Dubai's First Mega Music Festival Unveiling – 10,000 Tickets Sold in Pre-Sale Frenzy!




Due to an overwhelming level of traffic on the UNTOLD Dubai website when pre-sale tickets for registered only went live, the organizers released an additional 5,000 tickets, leading to a total of 10,000 tickets sold already

General public access for Early Bird tickets go on sale on October 5th and can be purchased through

UNTOLD Dubai, the highly anticipated 4-day long mega music festival set to ignite Expo City Dubai from February 15th to 18th, 2024, is making headlines even before the first note is played. In an unprecedented turn of events, the initial release of 5,000 tickets, available just for those who registered on for this musical extravaganza sold out within hours of going live on October 3rd, leading to organizers releasing an additional 5,000 tickets, which have now also been snatched up. With an anticipated daily attendance of over 70,000 festivalgoers, this musical phenomenon promises to be a magical experience like no other.

While the artist line-up remains a well-kept secret for now, UNTOLD, the 4-day-long festival, is already known for its mind-blowing performances by some of the biggest names in the music industry. The European edition of UNTOLD has hosted artists like Imagine Dragons, Robbie Williams, G-Eazy, Jason Derulo, Ellie Goulding, Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren, Alok, Bebe Rexha, and much more, while Dubai's edition promises to uphold this tradition, offering an unparalleled cultural experience.

The stunning Expo City Dubai, the legacy city of the World Expo, will provide the backdrop for this grand event. Combining the vibrant city of Dubai with the immersive experiences of Expo City, UNTOLD Dubai guarantees a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Dubai's multicultural identity makes it the perfect host for UNTOLD Dubai, where dreams come alive and dancefloor revelry knows no bounds. Supported by Dubai's Department of Economy and Tourism and in partnership with Expo City Dubai, UNTOLD Dubai is set to be the highlight of Dubai's music calendar.

Exclusive access to Early Bird tickets for the public commences on October 5th at

For those yet to secure their passes to this 4-day long Mega Music Festival, the upcoming round of Early Bird tickets for the public will be up for grabs starting October 5th. This offer includes 4-day General Access passes priced at 158 Euros and 4-day VIP passes at 316 Euros.

As the event draws closer, the Final tickets will be made available at 350 Euros for a 4-day General Access pass and 658 Euros for 4-day VIP passes. Act swiftly to seize this opportunity for the grandest musical event Dubai has ever seen.

Be among the select few who secure their spot at UNTOLD Dubai. Register promptly on the official website, stay tuned with updates on UNTOLD Dubai via Instagram, and to purchase your tickets, visit This marks the definitive musical event of 2024—an experience that's unmissable!

Festival Dates: February 15th to 18th, 2024

Tickets on Sale: Early Bird October 5th

Early Bird Ticket Prices:
Early Bird 4-day General Access passes for 158 Euros per person;
Early Bird 4-day VIP passes for 316 Euros per person;
Final Ticket Prices:
4-day General Access passes for 350 Euros per person;
4-day VIP passes for 658 Euros per person;

*To purchase tickets, visit

*Accommodation packages available on

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