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4 international artists coming to the BEACH, PLEASE! | FESTIVALPHOTO

4 international artists coming to the BEACH, PLEASE!



4 international artists coming to the BEACH, PLEASE!

BEACH, PLEASE! 2024 one of the biggest urban events of this year is announced. International artists, massive promotion on Social Media and many other surprises make the festival raise the public's expectations. The organization is huge compared to the other editions so far.

In the lineup announced so far you will find international artists such as 6ix9nine, Yeat, NLE Choppa, Wiz Khalifa.

6ix9nine and NLE Choppa have been announced since 2023 to perform shortly after the festival ends. Thus the organizers started the promotion for 2024 a year ago.

The most important urban music event in Romania

By far, at the previous edition, 6ix9nine had the best show of all the artists. He knew how to interact with the audience and entertain the world through his plays. The energy and passion he had instantly won over those who were present at the festival.

NLE Choppa had a dynamic performance and staged the most famous songs. He managed to create an atmosphere beyond expectations.

In this edition, Yeat will perform for the first time on the BEACH, PLEASE! stage. He is one of the new wave rappers in the States, having collaborated with Drake, Future, Lil Uzi Vert. Ever since his appearance, Yeat has been noted for his experimental and aggressive sound. Moreover, he has Romanian origins, his mother being born in Romania.

Wiz Khalifa is the biggest international name to date to perform at BEACH, PLEASE!. Hits like "See you again", "Young, Wild & Free", "Black and Yellow", are his reference songs. He was supposed to participate in Saga Festival 2023, being one of the most expected names. The rapper did not appear again due to medical problems.

More international artists will be announced next and people's expectations are huge. It remains to be seen what sound names BEACH, PLEASE! can bring, so that it becomes the most popular music festival in Romania.

Skribent: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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