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Lehliu-Găra: Timpuri Noi 40 in Lehliu At Partid Lehliu, Lehliu (Călărași) | FESTIVALPHOTO

Lehliu-Găra: Timpuri Noi 40 in Lehliu At Partid Lehliu, Lehliu (Călărași)



Lehliu-Găra: Timpuri Noi 40 in Lehliu
At Partid Lehliu, Lehliu (Călărași)

40 years of rock with TIMPURI NOI and Dan Iliescu!

The band counts them in thousands of concerts, dozens of hits and generations of fans. Each of the members of TIMPURI NOI, from any era, have left their mark and believed in the rock message and sound of this band that became recognizable from the first electric chords.
As for Dan Iliescu, he is the constant of these decades and without him there would not have been all the emblematic characters who entered the family of Romanian rock: Luca, Stere, Tanța, Adeline, Luca, Văru Maftei, Maricica, Verginica, Veta, Bălălău , Rambo and....DAD.

In the 40 years, I stop on June 14 for the fourth time in Lehliu, at the Party. Something we are proud of! Let's welcome them properly, with a full pub, voices and hands ready, quality sound, cold beer, good food and atmosphere.

Useful information:

The ticket price does not include food
The purchase of the ticket ensures the table reservation only based on the confirmation at the contact number displayed on the ticket
Table arrangements are made depending on the time of ticket purchase, taking into account the size of the group and the configuration of the location
Children up to 10 years of age get free access to this event!

A true legend of Romanian musical life, the Bucharest band Timpuri Noi, founded in 1983, was, in the true sense of the word, an underground band, as their lyrics were considered subversive by the communist regime, and the songs were only listened to secretly. It was only after the Revolution, in 1991, that Timpuri Noi's songs were heard on radio and television, and their concerts were promoted "by word of mouth".

For a long period of time, Dan Iliescu and Adrian Pleșca (Artan) formed the core of the band, the other members changing periodically. Their debut album was released together with the Sucevian band Contrast (10), published by Electrecord in 1989, and was called "Rock Formations Nr. 11". It contained only 3 songs from Timpuri Noi: "Albele Furtuni", "Sără De Mister" and "Am Să Rămân Cu Tine". They followed the disc "Timpuri Noi" (1992) and then "De Regiune Superior" (1995), which brought them recognition.

In the years '94-'95, Timpuri Noi dominated the music charts and their work was finally recognized. The band received a lot of distinctions, including a prize awarded, in 1995, by the Union of Composers and Musicologists from Romania, for "innovative language in rock".

They have become indispensable at high-profile festivals and have performed recitals in the opening concerts of important names of international rock, such as: Joe Cocker, Eros Ramazotti, Rod Stewart, Ian Gillan, Uriah Heep, Asia, Scorpions, Saxon, Paradise Lost, Jethro Tull, Iron Maiden and Kreator.

In 1994, Timpuri Noi was the first band from Romania to appear unplugged in a show at the "Ion Creangă" Theater in Bucharest. The show was taken over by TVR, and the soundtrack was transferred to compact disc and cassette.

Another wildly successful album was "Basca abundentiei", from 1998, so that in the year 2000, in full glory, Timpuri Noi fell apart due to some dissensions. Dan Iliescu and Artan each took a different path. They reunited six years later and released the album "Back in Business" (2006), but in 2009, Artan left the band again, devoting himself to the band Partizan. This time, Dan Iliescu decided to stay and go forward alone with Timpuri Noi. Since the founding of the band, he has been present as a composer and guitarist, and since 2011 he has also taken on the role of soloist.

For those who don't know yet, Dan Iliescu is the composer of all the hits of the band Timpuri Noi: "Stere", "Adeline", "Luca", "Helga", "Bordelul Mov", "Catran", "Nato", "Tata ”, and the list goes on…

In its 40 years of existence, Timpuri Noi has performed thousands of concerts, produced dozens of hits and delighted generations of fans. Each of the former members of the band left their mark on her style, which can be recognized from the first guitar chords.

The band's newest album is "Moldova Mon Amour" and was released in 2020. Today, the band is composed of Dan Iliescu (guitar, vocals), Felix Sfura (drums) and Vlad Apotrosoaei (bass).

The "Timpuri Noi - 40 de ani" tour debuted last year, on October 20, in Timișoara, and also stopped in the Capital, in Club Quantic, where, on December 10, they managed to fill the hall to capacity. After the concert, Dan Iliescu wrote on the band's Facebook page: "I'm Dan Iliescu, and I've been singing and composing in the band Timpuri Noi for 40 years. Thanks to the sensational audience that came to the anniversary in Bucharest and to all the equally sensational rockers who come to the concerts in the cities where the band has concerts! Me, Felix and Vlad will we forget responsibly, you give us energy to give everything we know! Timpuri Noi band will continue to do well what it has been doing for 40 years. Let's see each other at the centenary! Rock'n'roll, baby!".

Skribent: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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