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RECKLESS LOVE @ Ankkarock 2010


It's 80s all over again, when Reckless Love hits the stage to open the second day of Ankkarock. Call 'em hair metal, glam rock or just plain faggotry, the leggings-and-make-up-wearing rockers your parents warned you about are back and here to stay. As the band hops on the stage without an intro tape, it remains a mystery if they came from behind the backdrop or a time machine of some sort, with their fluffy hairs and - up until it's the time for the tracks for the ladies - 80s tees.

These guys are outrageous enough to throw the double "S" from the KISS logo, as well as the "V" from the Van Halen logo straight on their own logo, so it's no wonder the live show is like it is: The pretty boy Olli Herman (vocals, ex-Crashdiet) showcases all the classic rock manners from scissor kicks to hip rolls with the charisma of a rock star with a million sold records under his belt, when the reality for this up-and-coming band is still a little different from that. Pepe Reckless, on guitar, is probably not going to be releasing a 5-DVD Box Set entitled "How to master 5 String Sweeps" any time soon, but he makes guitar playing look like so much fun that it's evident that he's the best guitarist for Reckless Love in the whole wide world.

With their debut album still fresh on the shelves of the stores, Reckless Love is getting an insane amount of push, and it's no wonder why. While the song material owes more than a little to their role models, the whole album has to be one of the best records I've heard in years. The band rolls through each of the songs of their debut with confidence, and it looks like they're having at least twice as much on the stage as the crowd is, which underlines their tremendously hungry attitude and professionalism. These guys were born to rock!

Be sure to catch these guys live and you're guaranteed to go from "what the fuck?" to "fuck yeah!" by the time they're still finishing up the first track.

Skribent: Lari
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