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Annihilator in Vilnius | FESTIVALPHOTO

Annihilator in Vilnius


The legendary club “Kablys” was on fire 10 years ago. 10 years ago Lithuania last time saw Annihilator. That time – together with Overkill. Yesterday Annihilator came back – it was one of the “Total Annihilation 2010” tour concert. Not alone, of course – those guys from Canada love good company. And they have pretty good taste in that. Concert started with Norwegians Svölk and British band Sworn Amongst. And without fire. Surprisingly, the club New York is still standing where I left it after the concert. So, it was something more than I expected – quality, lights, activity, energy and friendliness with the crazy audience. Although, the first two bands were quite young, they felt quite honoured to play with such grands and did their job that good as they could. Nothing that audience could complain about.

Hey, have you ever been to metal concert, which starts in time? Or even 5 minutes earlier? No? So that was the time. Big surprise for Lithuanian audience, who did not expected to start in time. That probably means, that thrash metal rules are different.

Svölk – Norwegian guys playing some kind of heavy rock’n’roll version that is very good for the beginning. Right after two songs people were starting getting crazy and inside was getting hot. The hotter the better, if it is hell, right? So the second band on the stage – Sworn Amongst, really good thrash metal introduction to Annihilator show. After some longer, like 20 minutes break, loudly appears Annihilator. Four guys on the stage, raging crowd and an inspiring show. Both oldies and new songs were played, the show lasted more than hour and a half, so and the biggest Annihilator fan should be satisfied with this. One especially – kid, who was invited on the stage by guitarist Jeff Waters for the reason, that he saw this kid singing all songs in a row! Although in the end of the show “Alice in Hell” has been already played, guys came back for some few more songs to please the audience.

Skribent: Jurga Kalinauskaite
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