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Rob Zombie @ Manchester, England | FESTIVALPHOTO

Rob Zombie @ Manchester, England

Rob Zombie, Manchester Apollo, England, Thursday Feb 17th 2011.

This show had a lot to live up to. 12 long years had passed since Rob Zombie had toured the UK, Having presold all tickets to the original venue, the Academy 1, the show was moved to the much bigger venue, the Apollo, and this also sold out in record time, you just knew this was going to be something just a little bit special.

Revoker, the 1st of two support bands were already on and seemed to have a pretty big crowd for an opening band. Though I suspect most people where claiming there places for Rob Zombie, more than anything else. Not a bad band, but I missed most of their set, trying to get a drink at the bar.

Skindred took to the stage around 8pm.This is a band that always seems to be on fine form and in their element when playing live. I’ve never seen them do a full set though, and this was no exception, having not much longer than Revoker, they played a new song from their forthcoming album and a couple of crowd favorite’s like 'Destroy The Dance floor', they played a blinding show and set themselves up nicely for there own headlining shows, starting in may.

Next up, Rob Zombie, After what seemed an age of waiting, people started to get restless, and shouts for Rob Zombie went up, why was he taking so long to appear ?. Then suddenly the curtains fell back and you just knew, you where in for a treat of a show, three massive screens, four pillar’s of fire exploded and armored searchlights scanned the crowd before Rob took to the stage to thunderous applause.

The band kicked of on a high and never let go, songs from the White Zombie days stood side by side with the newest track “Mars needs women”.

A surprise rendition of “Enter sandman” shocked a few people, me included, but it was only Rob and John 5 having a bit of fun with the crowd, this soon turned into the crowd pleasing “Thunderkiss 65” and that was the end of the main set.

The encore stated with a film trailer for a new film maybe? Nope, just another joke on the crowd as “Werewolf women of the SS” started to play from the Grindhouse film. Then came the second encore as Rob appeared on a massive skeletal structure for 'Dragula' and the crowd went mental, lapping up every minute of this show, a masterpiece of macabre theatre which had so far included Skeletons, Robots, skulls and fire.

Alice cooper and Marilyn Manson, take note, this is how you put on a show, spellbinding, helped along by the fantastic musicians he had working with him,
Joey Jordison (Slipknot, Murderdolls), Piggy D (Amen, Wednesday 13) and John 5 (Marilyn Manson) all fitted into the Zombie style and helped to produce a night to remember

I remember seeing Rammstein here when they first came to the uk, and the Apollo suited them perfectly, an intimate venue, even though it holds nearly 3500. I then saw them a year later at the massive MEN arena ( 18,500) and the atmosphere was dead, I hope Rob and the gang come back again soon, and I hope they play the small venue’s again and not the big stadium’s, cos it wont be the same.

Set list:
Intro - Jesus Frankenstein - Superbeast - Scum Of The Earth - Living Dead Girl - More Human Than Human - Sick Bubblegum - Demon Speeding - Joey Drum Solo - Mars Needs Women - Pussy Liquor - Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy) - Enter Sandman - Thunderkiss '65 - Werewolf Women Of The SS - Super Charger Heaven - Dragula

Skribent: Dr Rock
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