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Within Temptation - The Unforgiving | FESTIVALPHOTO

Within Temptation - The Unforgiving



"The Unforgiving" is the fifth studio album from Dutch Symphonic metal band, Within Temptation. For this album, Within Temptation have opted to release a concept album, so the album is accompanied by a comic book release and a series of short videos. The danger of this strategy is that while their hardcore fans will probably buy the comic and watch the videos, a large part of the fanbase will not, so the album has to be strong enough to stand by itself.
As it's four years since the last studio album (The heart of everything) then expectations are always going to be high. Happily Within Temptation havent changed direction significantly and have produecd a strong album that their fans will love.

The album starts with "Why not me" - a short track with a spoken introduction to the story backed by rich symphonic music. Straight away you get the feeling that the album is going to retain that classic Within Temptation sound, and that feeling is right. Track after track of powerful rich melodies and Sharon Den Adel's beautiful voice make up this album. There isnt a single weak track on the album - its consistently good throughout. "Iron" gives Sharon's voice a chance to soar and use her powerful operatic vocals. "Lost" is a quieter track that also includes some excellent guitar work.
My favourite track on the album? Probably the first single, "Faster" at the moment, or possibly "Iron", but as I've already said, all the songs on the album are strong, so picking out one track isnt easy.

As with Within Temptation's earlier albums, this is a very radio/TV friendly sound, so I wouldnt be surprised to see video's from this album appearing on the music channels before too long. Within Temptation have a very rich and powerful sound that leaves other bands in the symphonic metal genre trailing behind.

Like many albums these days, there is the standard version and a special edition version. The specal edition of "The Unforgiving" includes a DVD with a number of short films. There is also a poster which has thousands of names on the back in tiny print - the names of all their fans who installed a Within Temptation app on their facebook page by a certain date. Sadly the names appear to be in random order so I can foresee thousands of cases of eyestrain as fans desperately scan the text in search of their name.

A superb album - well worth buying.


1. Why not me
2. Shot in the dark
3. In the middle of the night
4. Faster
5. Fire and ice
6. Iron
7. Where is the edge
8. Sinead
9. Lost
10. Murder
11. A demons fate
12. Stairway to the skies

Skribent: Anthony May
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