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China - Light up the dark | FESTIVALPHOTO

China - Light up the dark



"Light up the dark" is the fifth studio album from Swiss band China, but only the first album from the band since they reformed in 2007. The last album from the band was way back in 1995. On this new album, China have worked with two different producers from Los Angeles on the album - Chris Johnson (Buckcherry, Evanescence) and Michael Parnin (Steve Stevens, King's X), and the result is a great rock album with a modern feel.

Tracks such as "Light up the dark" are definitely classic hard rock, while other such as "Stay" are more melodic rock (while still retaining plenty of guitar to keep it from becoming too lightweight). "Gates of Heaven" is a very good power ballad.

The lyrics to "You cant call it working" say "You cant call it working if its rock and roll" - well reviewing an album like this certainly can't really be described as work (I'm sure work isn't meant to be this enjoyable).

The limited edition version of the album features 3 bonus tracks, including a great cover of Robert Palmer's "Bad case of loving you (Doctor Doctor)".

A great hard rock album from these Swiss veterans. A lot of people will have an album by Gotthard in their collection - well its time to add another Swiss band to your collection - this album from China is an excellent addition to any hard rock fan's CD collection.

Track listing:

1. Light up the dark
2. Hey yo
3. She's so hot
4. Girl on my screen
5. Lonely rider
6. Gates of heaven
7. On my way
8. Stay
9. Deadly sweet
10. Trapped in the city
11. Right here right now
12. Flash and bone

Bonus tracks:
13. Rhythm of the flame
14. Can't call it working
15. Bad case of loving you (Doctor Doctor)

Skribent: Anthony May
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