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Huron - Mary Celeste | FESTIVALPHOTO

Huron - Mary Celeste



"Mary Celeste" is the second album from British thrashers Huron. Hailing from the South West (Plymouth), the band released their debut album, "Cheyne Stoking" in 2009, and followed this up with intensive touring and appearances at the Hellfire festival in 2009 and the Hammerfest festival in 2010. The band are confirmed for this years Hard Rock Hell festival.

The album is 9 tracks of brutal guitar shredding thrash mayhem (plus one slow track), but dont worry - this isnt a case of playing as fast as possible for the sake of it - Huron havent sacrificed tunes at the expense of raw power. Instead what you have here is some well crafted songs with some excellent guitar work. Unlike some thrash, Huron have also managed to maintain some variety during the album so have avoided the common trap that affects a lot of young thrash bands - that of having all the songs sounding the same. "Eternal sea part one" for instance is a slow track with acoustic guitar - a real change of pace and a chance for the band to show a different side to their music. "Eternal sea part two" is back to the usual electric guitars, power and screaming/shouting vocals.

My favourite tracks on the album are probably "Disperse or we fire", and "Eternal sea part one"

Judging by this album, Huron have the potential to go on to great things.

This album is definitely recommended for fans of thrash metal. Having listened to the album a few times I'm looking forward to catching these guys playing live later in the year.

Track listing:

1. Branded
2. Mary celeste
3. Disperse or we fire
4. Blood in blood out
5. All my gods
6. Serpentswine
7. Eternal sea part 1
8. Suffer
9. Black harvest
10. Eternal sea part 2

Skribent: Anthony May
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Sean Sean Skriven 2011-06-07 23:00:10
Thanks Anythony for your review