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Supreme Pain: Divine Incantation | FESTIVALPHOTO

Supreme Pain: Divine Incantation



Massacre/Sound Pollution

SUPREME PAIN may not mean a lot to anyone, but behind the moniker lurk Messrs; Adrie Kloosterwaard, vocals (SINISTER), Paul Beltman, drums (ex. SINISTER), Bas Brussard, guitars (FONDLECORPSE), Erwin Harreman, guitars, and Alesa Sare on bass. Their third album is described as epic, evil and fast aggressive with an Old School groove. Go on, make my day…

Opening shortie “Dawn of a New Era” is a melodic smattering. Not bad for its kind actually. The ensuing “Dark Army” is very ok, but when they get into gear with “Damned Creation”, they sure get me going. The groovy grinding Old School death with some thrash thrown in is an excellent mix. The SLAYER-esque “Treasonous Disease” has a riff to die for and a melody to go with that. They are accompanied by “Spiritual Sickness” with its masterful arrangement and metallic melody. There is also a lot of PESTILENCE vibes, especially in the somewhat too grinding “title track. Or the excellent mix of “Seasons in the Abyss” and PESTILENCE called “The Fallen Kingdom”. With a tad less grinding and a few more of those evil sounding atmospheric parts, I would have marked this one 5/5!

Track List
Dawn of a New Era
The Dark Army
Damned Creation
Treasonous Disease
Trapped in Heresy
Spiritual Sickness
Divine Incantation
Putrefied Beauty
The Fallen Kingdom
Towards Hell

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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