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Jerusalem: She | FESTIVALPHOTO

Jerusalem: She



Pierced Records/Sound Pollution

JERUSALEM is one of the pioneers of Swedish hard rock, forming as early as 1975. Including collections and all they have released as many as 18 albums including this release. This is their first comprising entirely of fresh material in 16 years. Back in 1981 they did brisk business, but what about 2011? Steering the band is as always the perennial Ulf Christiansson on guitars and vocals. He is backed by the almost as persistent bass player Peter Carlsohn and drummer Michael Ulvsgård.

Three songs into the album I realize that time is passing. “Calling On” is a pale opener, “Come On” is somewhat repetitive and “I Want to Leave Her” is close to U2. The arrangements show signs of maturity and experience, but there is little excitement on offer. To me, the album opens with the the final four songs. That is when the songs reach a consistent level and I get interested for more than five consecutive minutes. Although the unique “The Story of D”, the soft and cozy “Heaven”, the brooding “Heaven” and The JOHN WAITE-esque “Standing at Jericho” are worth an EP in their own right, the time has passed. I don´t think this is the success the band needed to follow up on 1994´s “Prophet”. They are sure religious enough, but that doesn´t cut it, their hearts must be in the music too.

Track List
Calling On
Come On
I Want to Leave Her
Save My Life
Amos 5
Crown the King
The Story of D
The Greatest Party
Standing at Jericho

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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