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Alyson Avenue: Changes | FESTIVALPHOTO

Alyson Avenue: Changes



Avenue of Allies/Sound Pollution

ALYSON AVENUE makes a comeback after losing lead singer Anette Olzon to NIGHTWISH in 2007. Remeaining members song writer and keyboard player Niclas Olsson, guitarist Tony Rothla, guitarist/bass player Thomas Löyskä and drummer Fredrik Eriksson have not only kept the band going, they also recruited a phenomenal replacement in Arabella Vitanc. Half a dozen guests wer invited, notably ex-vocalist Anette, the well-travelled Michael Bormann (ex. JADED HEART, BISS), guitarists Mats Edström (SHIVA), Rob Marcello (DANGER DANGER), plus keyboard player Fredrik Bergh of STRRET TALK. The band may have a history since 1989, found their shape with Anette around the turn of the millennium and are in for a new and interesting chapter.

The first half of the album is the better and more even. The sing along friendly “Liar” opens, followed by a fine succession of tracks. “Will I Make Love”, the title track and “Don´t Know If Love Is Alive” are all top notch. The first is a duet between Arabella and Michael Bormann, very AOR, but without being overly soft. The title track is written in co-operation with Jönköping´s own “Madde”, has a refrain that grows and a more rocking outline. The HEART-like “Don´t Know If Love Is Alive” works fantastically well with Arabella´s voice and the well-crafted refrain. There is more of HEART and catchy guitar work on the album. The straightforward “Into the Fire” is the closest to a five star track on the second half. The low level is high though, with only “Somewhere” feeling too pedestrian to pass with more than an “ok” in the margin. ALYSON AVENUE has risen from what seemed like end, and have done so with a vengeance.

Track List
Will I Make Love
Amazing Days
Don´t Know If Love Is Alive
Into the Fire
I Will Be Waiting
I´ll Cry for You
Always Keep On Loving You

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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