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Rob Moratti: Victory | FESTIVALPHOTO

Rob Moratti: Victory




Canadian vocalist ROB MORATTI has an ongoing varied career. He started out with his own band MORETTI in the late nineties, went on to front FINAL FRONTIER and headed straight for the spotlight when in 2008 he replaced Michael Sadler as front man of SAGA. He has now left them to focus on his solo career. With on the venture are; guitarists Reb Beach (WINGER/WHITESNAKE) and Christian Wolff (also keyboards), seasoned bass player Tony Franklin (BLUE MURDER/THE FIRM), drummer Brian Doerner (ex HELIX, SAGA), and keyboardist Fredrik Bergh.

For some reason I am never quite satisfied with opening tracks these days it Is true that people don´t hang around in record stores to get an impression these days, but I still like openers to be the best on offer. “Life on the Line” has an interesting arrangement and a fine refrain, but there are a couple of sharper songs. The likes of the rocking “Everything But Goodbye”, the Arena AOR of “Power of Love” and the magnificent ballads “Take It All Back” and “Now More than Ever” are all fine examples of craftsmanship and a genuine feeling for what AOR is all about. The almost same goes for the TOTO like “Standing on Top of the World”. I also find songs in the vein of FOREIGNER or THE STORM, so you know what to expect from this album. Most expectations are met, but I think that there are one pansy heartache song too many when I get to the sedated “I Promise You”, a song that, to me, is largely running on empty. But that is one out of eleven, a true feat these days. The stellar production from Richard Chyrcki does the rest to make this an AOR album for your 2011 want-list.

Track List
Life on the Line
Everything But Good Bye
Power of Love
Hold that Light
On and On
Take It All Back
I Promise You
Standing On the Top of the World
Now More than Ever

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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