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Manic Depression: Impending Collapse | FESTIVALPHOTO

Manic Depression: Impending Collapse



MDD/Sound Pollution

Russian band MANIC DEPRESSION has been around since 1999, and supported the likes of DESTRUCTION on tour. Their moshing music is described as thrash to the bone, dwelling on subjects like politics and war. Well, how heavy can these Russians get?

Aw, well, opener “Nightmareality” is thrash in the true sense of the world, with force and a fine refrain. An worthy opener of character, in short. “Afterlife” spoils me with Old School US thrash in the vein of VIO-LENCE, but the third track, “Evil in Disguise” seems strangely anemic in comparison. But that is the only unpleasant surprise on the album. They are really convincing in songs like the glorious rifferama of “Global Collapse” and the mixed thrash of “Phobia”. What MANIC DEPRESSION dares to do, and the booklet doesn´t mention, is to blend in heavy metal and older grooves from the days of old. Old School in this case is not cemented in thrash only. I really enjoy the grooves and the (few) atmospheric bits. But there are sufficient amounts of KREATOR-like brutality to keep the most ardent and righteous thrashed happy. The voice of Max Layko would not work in many genres, but here it is as sweet as candy. The only remaining question is why they named themselves after a JIMI HENDRIX song.

Track List
Evil in Disguise
Lost in Time
Global Collapse
Atlantis Fate
Legacy of the Past
Buried Alive
Mutual Hate

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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