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M.O.B. The Greatest Enemy - Live in Stockholm 2008 | FESTIVALPHOTO

M.O.B. The Greatest Enemy - Live in Stockholm 2008


Stockholm hard rockers M.O.B are no beginners, this is not their first DVD and there are also five studio CDs and a live album. I have had the pleasure of reviewing them many Times.

The first that strikes me is that the quality of picture and sound beats many a DVD from established companies. This live from the Biker club Hydet contains no less than nine tracks off their latest album. I was not all that convinces about the newer and heavier material but live they sound only like heavy hard rock rather than anything else. Compared to the last DVD this is so much more professional, they even look more metal. They are quite immovable on stage but that works fine for Ian Hill of JUDAS PRIEST too. I miss some old faves, e.g “Damned Nation”, but they did have a new album out when this was recorded. This is not depressed in any way, it is all about solid drumming from Richard Averdahl, rock solid bass courtesy of Conny Goldsmith, gritty guitars from Peter Gustafsson and OZZY-like voice shrouded in a GARY MOORE-inspired outfit by Fredrik Notling. “When Death Gives” turns into a brooding almost philosophical moment with a depth from their debut with songs like “Meat Meet Meat”. They hit a BLACK SABBATH note straight on with “Who Are You”, featuring the unknown relative of OZZY´s at the mike. “Behind the Wall” is also a noteworthy highlight. Some of the new material like “Inside the Fire” is more metal. Old songs like “Mountain of Despair” provides a change, the same goes for the excellent “Paradise on Earth”, “See Me, Hear Me, Hate Me, Fear Me” and “White Trash Stomp”. The band sure have the stage experience and the DVD is available from

Track List
Mountain of Despair
The Greatest Enemy
When Death Gives
Who Are You
Behind the Wall
Human Nature
Inside the Fire
Paradise on Earth
Anger Management
White Trash Stomp
In My Dreams

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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