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Doom Unit: The Burden of Bloom | FESTIVALPHOTO

Doom Unit: The Burden of Bloom



Hype Productions/Warner

Finland is metal. There is no denying it, simply compare their charts to any of our Swedish equivalents. One of the well-to-do bands at the moment is DOOM UNIT. Their catchy heavy riffage, catchiness and even touches of LYNYRD SKYNYRD have provided them with a second place in the Finnish charts and a 50 shows tour all over Finland. But are they on their way to conquer Europe?

Not many bands care about the importance of album openers anymore, but DOOM UNIT do! “The Cradle and the Grave” is modern stoner meets MOTORHEAD, celebrating the union with a smashing riff, and a rocking straightforward and catchy pace. I actually rate it higher than the first single “Reckoning Day2, though the latter is not without qualities. The song titles hint at a modern form of metal, but the performance hints at a more timeless approach, focusing on catchiness and contagious refrains. The let-downs are there, of cause, both “Cyclone” and “My Disguise” feel more pointless and ordinary than the rest. The second big league number is “Rise”. The refrain and the riff together with the pulsating pace makes for a forceful song that will go down a treat live. But the highlights and the let-downs are equal in numbers, and the rest is somewhere ok and a cut above. I get the drift with the hit singles, although there are better tracks on offer, but I don´t get the hysteria. But the music industry has always been about building castles in the air and capitalizing on a jump start. So best of luck!

Track List
The Cradle and the Grave
Reckoning Day
Dead Pilot
A Grain of Sand
Point of No Return
My Disguise
Man on Wire
Love Replaced

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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