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Young Blood: Transfusion | FESTIVALPHOTO

Young Blood: Transfusion



Angel Air/Border

YOUNG BLOOD was formed back in the early eighties. Included among the countless bands of the NWOBHM they may not ring a bell (of more than a UFO single), but they were a good example of victims of circumstances. Their melodic take on the NWOBHM got them on tour with PHIL LYNOTT`S GRAND SLAM, TOKYO BLADE, STRAY and MOTÖRHEAD. A record contract was offered, more than one actually, but the constant instability of the group caused delay, and during that period things changed in the record company offices. Ultimately guitarist/vocalist Stewart Goodchild´s aspirations were cut short by grunge in the early nineties, but YOUNG BLOOD had folded in 1986. Here are the rare “First Blood” EP, plus a full unreleased album.

Opener “Fantasy” is a reminder of days gone by. Highly melodic, and with less emphasis on distortion than today, it tells a rather cute story of an innocent fantasy about a girl. She´s not maimed or sacrificed. The ensuing “American bride” is a bit on the repetitive side, but the refrain and the guitar work is fine. Things get really exciting as it´s time for “Run for Your Life”. The riff reminds me of HSAS “I´ll Be Missing You”, and that is one hell of a comparison. There are the typical traits of hit song, and in the hands of say an early DEF LEPPARD that would have happened. With a bit of doctoring in the studio this would have been an obvious single cut. The overall sound may leave more to wish but, but bear in mind this is a belated release of old songs recorded with older technology. “Talkin´ About L.O.V.E.” would probably have followed as the next single, if from an American export. The refrain lingers like glued, and the beat is steady. There are actually not much to ask for in the first eight songs. Oddly enough the rare and expensive “First Blood EP” is not the most entertaining part. “Hold on to Love” is an excellent start,a nd “Dangerous Games” is an ok closer, but the teen pop or derivative boogie in between is not much to brag about. The low points are two songs off the aforementioned EP, and the theft song “Ray Gun (Shoot Me Like a)”. Anyone can recognize the riff off “Highway to Hell”, plus a tad of a later WHITESNAKE track, so the final question is “Who Made Who?”. As a whole this may be for NWOBHM aficionados, as things turned out. But is Stewart and his cohorts had only hung in there a little longer, and had the slightest bit of luck it would have been another story…

Track List
American Bride
Run for Your Life
Doin´ the Best I Can
Can´t Stop Rocking
Talkin´ About L.O.V.E.
Shine On
Thunder in the Mountains
Hold On to Love
Your Money or Your Life
Good Time Tonight
Dangerous Games
Ray Gun (Shoot Me Like a)
Shoulda Known Better

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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paul brown paul brown Skriven 2011-08-15 04:24:15
great gigs at richmond live and town hall richmond.paul brown.young blood rock.
Stew Goodchild Stew Goodchild Skriven 2011-07-18 05:22:35
Dear Mikael Hey man! Thanks a lot for such a great review of TRANSFUSION, I hope we get a chance to meet up sometime when Young Blood are touring, take care once again Many Thanks,Stew (Young Blood)