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Riverge: Rebirth of Skull | FESTIVALPHOTO

Riverge: Rebirth of Skull



MDD/Sound Pollution

Japanese thrashers RIVERGE are not latter day followers, but 1985 originals themselves. Back in the day they released a few demos and singles, and toured with the likes of OUTRAGE and SABBATH before calling it a day in 1988. Their creative break actually lasted till about now. Four guys and one girl, can´t tell who´s who by their names, but here goes some Old School Bay Tokyo …or?

Shoji Nakamura´s vocals haunt opener “Thought Free”. Their punk roots shine through, with a dash of early ANTHRAX. The vocals make me sick though. The drums courtesy of Katsuyuki Matsumoto equally haunts “Till I Die”. I must confess to only enjoy three tracks, the forceful “Stavish Charge”, and the no less frantic “Hungry Child” and “Dual Attack”. The overall sound leaves a lot to desire, they may hail from 1985, but today´s simpler technology makes for better album than this. The closing traclk is crap confusion and leaves most people puzzled I believe. I believe they need to dust themselves off before the next album…if there will be one.

Track List
Thought Free
Till I Die
What a Creature
Positive Ruin
Hungry Child
Dual Attack
Cutting Edge
Stavish Charge
Damned World
A and a Live

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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