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Abrasive: The Birth ... Born in Sodom | FESTIVALPHOTO

Abrasive: The Birth ... Born in Sodom



MDD/Sound Pollution

ABRASIVE has been around since the late nineties. They take pride in offering a sound that is faithful to their underground roots. Raw and in-your-face death metal with grinding ambitions according to the old rules set by the likes of AUTOPSY, EXHUMED and SUFFOCATION will be the reward for buying this album. One demo in 1999 led to the album “Desire”, a real ball-breaker if you get my drift, which was followed by “Devotion” and “Awakening of Lust” before this release.

To save the best for last is functional in some cases, but not when releasing an album. Unfortunately that is what this trio does. It takes until the final track “Rebirth” before I discover what they could be all about. The tracks seem devoted to porn and suffering, amusing for a while but not for 12 tracks. The number of tracks that hold a reasonable level are more than it may sound like in my text. But the holding back of what´s best feels a bit like bullying. ABRASIVE has chosen a style that is quite formulaic, but that is what the fans want. Some good riffs and grooves is fine but I would like a change to the drum sound and perhaps, even if daring, a slight widening of their influences. Most of the extreme bands/genres could do with some fresh sounds. Underground it is though, and will as such attract a loyal following, however small.

Track List
The Other Side
Porn Addicted
Sit on My Face
Still Standing (Pussyfied Part II)
Hate Us
Tales of Lust

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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