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Furor Gallico: S/T | FESTIVALPHOTO

Furor Gallico: S/T




Celtic warriors prepared to die to defend their country and people. That is the translation of the title FUROR GALLICO, that the Roman´s gave the ancient warriors. The band´s 2008 demo, “390 B.C. – The Glorious Dawn” marked the start of an ambitious gig campaign. The new line-up, that does not entirely perform on the album, consists of founding members Ste (guitars) and Becky (harp), plus Pagan (Voices), Oldhan (guitars), Fabio (bass, laura (Violin), Paolo (Whistle, Bouzouki) and Simo (drums).

The chosen style is folk and the metal parts are almost equal to the use of ancient instruments and elder melodies. FUROR GALLICO is at their best when they are as catchy and refrain oriented, at least to my ears. There are a couple of mediocre (growl infested, with too much black metal in them and somewhat hysteric in style and mix). The song that hits it right with me is “Curmisagios”. It is destined to be a favorite with any audience and an album filled with similar songs, with the same arrangements but at a slower pace at times, or a tad less heavy, would win this lot many more gigs and festival appearances I believe. Instead they end with what may well be their blackish demo and before that they let a couple of dire song performances and hysteric paces put them down. This is a fair album, but I have a strong feeling FUROR GALLICO could do better…

Track List
Venti di Imbole
Ancient Rites
The Gods Have Returned
Golden Spiral
Miraculous Child
Bright Eyes
La Caccia Morta
The Glorious Dawn

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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