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Stala & So: It Is So | FESTIVALPHOTO

Stala & So: It Is So



So Music Finland/Music Buy Mail

Finland is the land of the countless lakes and metal band. But some aren´t metal, they just opt for the seventies, like STALA & SO. Front man Stala is joined by Nick Gore (ex. LORDI), Sami J on lead guitar, Pate Vaughn on rhythm guitar and drummer Hank. To enhance things there are LORDI connections, Sala used to be drummer Kita of LORDI, who was sacked for showing himself without a mask. Freedom to write their own music seems to be the key word here, so we let them lose…

Vaudeville intros are not my favorite, and “The Show by So” is exactly that. Six songs later I still wonder if the hard rock parts have been forgotten totally in favor of music theater. The choruses are there, the seventies influences ranging from DAVID BOWIE to THE SWEET, but until ESC contender “Pamela” there is really preciously little to write home about. It seems the time the band spent on hold has not made them more colorful, but the info sheet states the opposite. The second part of the album heads into more enjoyable hair metal territory. Both “Bye Bye” and “Shout” are a tad too pale for my liking. They are well-written songs that feel restrained, perhaps in an effort to sell more albums? The ballads may even be their strongest cards, Stala must have felt oddly hidden away between the drum kit when LORDI did ballads. The violin laden “Spring Romance” will not be an obstacle to lighters when performed live. In spite of leaving the listener with the absolutely pointless “E Major”, they are booked for quite a few live gigs. I may not like this but I have the feeling many do.

Track List
The Show By So
Got to Believe
One Nite Stand
(Wont Let You) Down Again
Bye Bye
My Happy Day
Spring Romance
Everything for Money
E Major

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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