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Silverdollar: Morte | FESTIVALPHOTO

Silverdollar: Morte



Massacre/Sound Pollution

Fellow Swedes SILVERDOLLAR used to play covers (I´ve seen them) but opted for an original repertoire in 2002. Their first release, “Covers from Hell” was of cause a covers album, but since 2005 they have marketed their own material. Their first full-length, “Evil Never Sleeps” popped up in 2007, so this is the follow-up to was quite likeable. Now they have hooked up with Massacre for worldwide release, will this be their big moment?

The rather flat opening tracks, “CO2” and “Damage Done”, says that the damage is done. SILVERDOLLAR is all about old school hard rock/heavy metal, hence the tag “likeable”. But they initially comes across as an old major band on half-hiatus. Their next three tracks offer flirts with IRON MAIDEN and GARY MOORE, which is a wise choice. I must say that the 4/5 is in the air. But both “Hear Me” and “H.F” are far too meek to win over any fans. The setting and the ability are there, but they are simply not catchy enough. The title track is far superior to the rest, the illegitimate son of OZZY OSBOURNE and (fishy, huh?) EUROPE. This is a sound I believe the band would win over plenty of fans with, there are a tad of pomp thrown in with the old school general approach. The refrain is sort of hammered in, in a sophisticated way. In short: BRAVO! But they soon return to half-pace running on empty efforts. The ending of “Three Finger Man” is particularly unsuitable, with a lot of vocal effects. I´m sorry to say so but this will not be SILVERDOLLAR`s big moment

Track List
Damage Done
Eternal Glory
Evil Good
Evil Never Sleeps
Hear Me
Raging Eyes
(Still a) Rocker
Three Finger Man

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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