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Nightrage: Insidious | FESTIVALPHOTO

Nightrage: Insidious



Lifeforce/Sound Pollution

Marios Iliopulos & Co., also known as NIGHTRAGE, sure have made their mark in metal history. Since their formation in 2000 they have released five studio albums, filled with melodic death metal, thrash, progressivity and some serious guitar work. Once sporting ex AT THE GATES vocalist Tomas Lindberg, the band now consists of Marios and Olof Mörck on guitars, bass man Anders Hammer, vocalist Antony Hämäläinen, and drummer Jo Nunez. This new album has been much anticipated, no more guessing, here goes…

The sixth album (including a compilation), that surely means they are past the most difficult stages. They seem a relaxed band as they commence with an intro of ok style. But “Delirium of the Fallen” is the sign of greatness. The guitar patterns marry well to the melodic refrain, and there is so much inventiveness within the framework of really forceful metal. They actually repeat the master touch two, almost three, four times over. The refrain based “This World Is Coming to an End” mixes the greatness of most classic metal with today´s brutality, “Cloaked in Wolf Skin” is rally cheerful and melodic brutality, and they´re almost followed by the only an inch less entertaining “Utmost End of Pain” and the RUNNING WILD-reminiscing “Poignant Memories”. I will emphasize that the only bland moment is the rather pointless instrumental “Emblem of Light (Outro)”, but that is the very last 1.05 of this dazzling album. The rest is a cut above. It seems so effortless and clear, but there must be a reason no one´s done this good in a long time. The band is touring the states right now, watch out for an interview later on next week. But don´t put off buying this album!

Track List
So Far Away (Intro)
Delirium of the Fallen
Wrapped in Deceitful Dreams
Hate Turns Black
Sham Piety
Cloaked in Wolf Skin
This World Is Coming to an End
Utmost End of Pain
Poignant Memories
Hush of Night
Poisoned Pawn
Solar Eclipse (Prelude)
Solar Corona
Emblem of Light (Outro)

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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