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Van Canto: Break the Silence | FESTIVALPHOTO

Van Canto: Break the Silence



Napalm/Sound Pollution

VAN CANTO, the vocal mainstay of later years return with their fourth album in five years. No doubt boosted by their chart entries and attention from penalty shot covers of carefully selected top hits they steer clear of most instrumental parts, except Basti´s drums. This time around they opt for an eyebrow-raising cover of big shots SABATON, but old-timers like me get our share of nostalgia with ALICE COOPER`S “Bed of Nails”, MANOWAR`S “Master of the Wind” and, the digi-pack bonus, RUNNING WILD`S famed “Bad to the Bone”. So, do they still attract after so many good years?

Well the barbershop MANOWAR antics of opener “If I Die in Battle” mixes vocals and use the traditional power metal features to maximum advantage. But the thrill of the first time I heard the band is gone. Of cause “Primo Victoria” raises just about ever roof in any metal venue. This version, featuring SABATON vocalist Joakim Brodén for good measure, is no exception. “Bed of Nails” follows suit, and you almost forget about the lack of electrical instruments. But the occasional inclusion of operatic vocals courtesy of Inga and the ESC-friendly touches of “Neuer Wind” is just about the outer fringes of what the a cappella genre can hold. The four is still there for bringing freshness to the world of metal, but for how long. I wonder if they will have to enter unchartered country soon? Perhaps the inclusion of BLIND GUARDIAN guitarist Marcus Siepen playing acoustic guitar on the ballad “Spelled in Waters” is a sign of forthcoming changes?

Track List
If I Die in Battle
The Seller of Souls
Primo Victoria
Dangers in My Head
Black Wings of Hate
Bed of Nails
Spelled in Waters
Neuer Wind
The Higher Flight
Master of the Wind

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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