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Isole: Born from Shadows | FESTIVALPHOTO

Isole: Born from Shadows



Napalm/Sound Pollution

FORLORN was formed in 1990, and eventually morphed into ISOLE in 2003 to avoid mix-ups with another band. The reborn band released three albums in two years, with the debut “Forevermore” in 2006 and both “The Beyond” and “Throne of Void” in 2008. Moving to Napalm Records they released “Silent Ruins” in 2009, and a successor in the same apocalyptic vein was promised. “Born from Shadows” is here now, the future of Swedish doom is saved…or?

Opener “The Lake” has a familiar ring to its title (KING DIAMOND anyone?) but the style is not quite that of ISOLE in the past. I miss the near CANDLEMASS pace of yesteryear is replaced by a more arty approach. There is even some jazzy guitar work, many changes of pace and only a basic pattern of their former style. “Black Hours” displays the same change into an intricate, if not ceremonious pompous and desolate style. Two songs are in the 10 minute vicinity; the title track and “My Angel”. The title track is atmospheric, interspersed with growl and filled with pace changes. The speedier parts are totally fine, the rest is back to the arty style. The advantages of the band now lie in their sense of doom and gloom, not least through the use of keyboards. The guitar picking acoustic parts are also an asset. The, for the genre, swift guitar patterns of old are just that, a piece of band history. The chanting vocals and depressed emotions are bonuses for some, not for me. I miss the ISOLE of days gone by and cannot recommend this to their old fans.

Track List
The Lake
Black Hours
Born from Shadows
Come to Me
My Angel
When All Is Black

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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