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Paganizer: Into the Catacombs | FESTIVALPHOTO

Paganizer: Into the Catacombs



Cyclone Empire/Sound Pollution

Hailing back to 1994 (as TERMINAL GRIP) PAGANIZER are slowly moving towards their 20th Anniversary. They might even hit 20 with their tenth album since this is their 8th. No fussing about with trends or infusions of other genres they wave the banner of old school death metal. Main man vocalist/guitarist Rogga Johansson is active in no less than eight bands. Here he is backed by lead guitarist Andreas Carlsson, bass player Anders Brisheim and drummer Jocke Ringdahl. Here comes “the blast of the undeniable death-machine” the info says, but is the fire still there?

A better title than “Total Lovecraftian Armageddon” will not be conceived! The opener is a bit pale though, the effort of hatching the title seems to have taken its toll. There is even some punk elements thrown in, which feels too light. They soon return to the right grooves and seem to be on the right (lefty hand) path, but the lyrics feel lackluster. The next Lovecraft loan, “Frontier Cthulhu” is the next blast of the machine, and together with the refrain heavy title track the best moments on offer. The nineties are glorified, as can be expected, but I feel that Rogga is at his best with other of his bands, like THE GROTESQUERY and RIBSPREADER. The old school is undeniable, it is only a bit duller than it used to be.

Track List
Total Lovercraftian Armageddon
Their Skin Suits Me
Panzer Truck
The Carrion Parlour
Winter of Disembowelment
Cadaver Earth
Frontier Cthulhu
At the Helm of Naglfar
A Bullet in the Head for the Undead
The Paganizer
Into the Catacombs

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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