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Visions of Atlantis: Maria Magdalena EP | FESTIVALPHOTO

Visions of Atlantis: Maria Magdalena EP



Napalm Records/Sound Pollution

Their fascination of the legendary Atlantis still remains. VISIONS OF ATLANTIS now surpass four releases with a mini-album. The band has been on an apparently successful tour and wants to show their progress with some new and refreshed tracks, plus a catchy cover of SANDRA`S old hit “Maria Magdalena”.

The cover will be a hit! Remember the SANDRA original? This one has a slight touch of depressed seriousness but also the voices of Maxi Nil and Mario Plank. The arrangement captures the spirit of the original and adds the right touches to make it feel a VISIONS OF ATLANTIS track. This will do well when played in clubs and pubs. Of the remaining five two are re-workings, “Last Shut of Your Eyes” and “Beyond Horizon”, and the rest are totally new. The neo-symphonic style suits the band, and the voices arte tastefully used to the max without being overly trendy or otherwise painful. The songs may be a touch on the depressive side, but they remain contagious in an hypnotic way. The only somewhat weaker track is “Change of Tides”. It goes on but without a firm arrangement, rendering it too dreamy and distant to be of interest. Apart from that slight mishap VISIONS OF ATLANTIS has made one of the few worthwhile (better still!) EP´s in this world!

Track List
Maria Magdalena
Change of Tides
Distant Shores
Last Shut of Your Eyes
Beyond Horizon

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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