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Thulcandra: Under a Frozen Sun | FESTIVALPHOTO

Thulcandra: Under a Frozen Sun



Napalm/Sound Pollution

THULCANDRA are about to hit ten years next year. The band is formed along OBSCURA member Steffen Kummerer (guitars/vocals). Five years of hibernation followed when original co-founder Juergen Zintz committed suicide, and first in 2009 brothers Ludwig, Tobias, bass, and Sebastian, guitars were taken on board. That marked 2010 as the year of their long awaited debut album “Fallen Angels Dominion”. The aim seems to be going back to Sweden in the nineties, playing blackened death metal in the vein of e.g. DISSECTION. I wonder how they cherish the memories of the nineties?

The epic opening of “In Blood and Fire” may even bring echoes of BATHORY in full swing, but THULCANDRA is soon in black symphonic territory. The solo is a highlight but I don´t think the basic idea holds water for eight and a half minute. The hammering drumming in “Black Flags of Hate” is a blemish as well as the ubiquitous black metal guitars. A limitation if you´re into this kind of symphonic metal. It´s like the old sixties classic “Surfin´ Bird” by THE THRASHMEN, a horrible feeling of “oh no, here it comes again”. I believe the title track to be the first good sign, when they let the song material loose without black limitations they move into a better position to strike. “Aeon of Darkness” is even better, it has a fine riff and genuine thrash drumming. The ensuing hammering excluded… The movements of a song like “Gates of Eden”, complete with grooves and double bass drumming is also a sign of quality. But, alas, their finest movement is the UNANIMATED cover “Life Demise”. The melody, the speed, the atmospheric middle section, and a fine solo. It all goes to prove that THULCANDRA knows what their melodic symphonic dark metal is influenced by and how things used to sound. I wish they would follow suite!

Track List
In Blood and Fire
Black Flags of Hate
Ritual of Sight
Under a Frozen Sun
Aeon of Darkness
Echoing Voices (A Cold Breeze of Death)
Gates of Eden
Life Demise (UNANIMATED cover)

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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