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Danny Neubecker: Here I Am | FESTIVALPHOTO

Danny Neubecker: Here I Am



Feedback Records/Doolittle Group/Sound Pollution

DANNY NEUBECKER started his career in his teens, but has settled for pop/rock with catchy hooks. He is still in an early stage but seems dedicated to his music, and very focused on social medias marketing. Is the music as digital as his other plans?

The tra-la-la factor of this kind of music is never to be underestimated. Opener “You Light Up My Life” ha a refrain in the vein of an old AOR stomper. The audience is potentially as big as can be, and Danny has a very light and gentle voice that will scare no one off. He sports a Swedish sound, of cause, but with a hint a British boy band of your choice. The authenticity of this kind of music is never easy to prove. There are touches of pale and lifeless digital fix ups from the studio, and the most genuine moment is, in my opinion, “I Need You”. But that is only one out of nine. He has certainly not fallen into the trap of including an overload of tracks, settling for a more normal nine. The buttery effect ought to go down well with the teen girls, but when he gets desperately over-soft I guess even the fourteen year-olds can see through the wimpy “Unforgotten”. I´d say that my only advice is don´t get cramped in your efforts to please the romantics and don´t use as many lifeless digital sounds in the future. Compared to the other artists in the company rooster it has been very quiet about Danny since the release.

Track List
You Light Up My Life
Believe Again
Here I Am
All I Keep Doing
I Need You
Everything You Say
The Time Is Now
We Belong Together

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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