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Mourning Caress: Deep Wounds, Bright Scars | FESTIVALPHOTO

Mourning Caress: Deep Wounds, Bright Scars



MDD/Sound Pollution

Germany´s MOURNING CARESS first reared its head in 1998. On board from the start were almost the same line up as today; vocalist Gerrit Mohr, guitarists Florian Erhart and Benedikt Bjarnasson, bass man Daniel Busche and drummer Dominik Schluter. The original guitarists have both left, and the replacements are Florian Albers and Wolfgang Sander. Two demo EPs and two full-length albums have been the result of their activities, and apparently a lot of hardship with lack of backing and bad luck. So, are they worth buying?

MOURNING CARESS are a cross-over band, a mix of the old ways and the latest trends. “A Matter of Time” opens in fine fashion, lots of drive, a catchy melody and almost the voice to suit the material. The slight problem on here is maintaining the right mix. When they do they create songs like “Wastelands Within”, featuring Mikael Stanne of DARK TRANQUILITY on guest vocals, or the even better “Staring into the Abyss” where a contagious refrain meets the modern metal edge in an almost 100% right way. But when the mix fails or they get one-dimensional they end up with “Another Day, Another Struggle”. The vocals are abominable, the grooves are hampered by a band trying to surpass everything known to man. But the majority of the material hovers in IRON MAIDEN/old ANTHRAX and is blessed with a precise guitar duo. I really hope this lot gets the deserved attention, many try this mix but MOURNING CARESS is in the forefront.

Track List
A Matter of Time
Filling the Emptiness
Wastelands Within
Staring into the Abyss
Another Day, Another Struggle
Hate and Denial
My Sky Turned Black
Never Surrender

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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