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Elm Street: Barbed Wire Metal | FESTIVALPHOTO

Elm Street: Barbed Wire Metal



Massacre/Sound Pollution

Australia´s ELM STREET debuts with an album that will be recognized by al fans of classic metal. Eight years after their conception ELM STREET takes their IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, MEGADETH and GRIM REAPER influenced metal to the retailer´s. Live they have played with Australia´s finest e.g. BLACK MAJESTY and THE ANGELS. Amusingly enough this youngish quartet has enlisted the aid of legendary thrash cover maestro Ed Repka. But what do they sound like, and are they as splendid as the info sheet says?

They open with the title track, as is requested by a classic band. “Barbed Wire Metal“ has a lot of guts, chorus and a fine riff, as could be expected. They continue in fine fashion until “Elm St´s Children“. The chorus alone of that track is five star material! The amusing “Heavy Metal Power“ pairs IRON MAIDEN with the finest thrash. Making a fine progression into the highly entertaining twin guitar attack of “King of Kings“. Simple effectiveness, heavy metal, thrash, youthful enthusiasm, something apart from that too I guess and it all makes for an eyebrow raising album. I can´t really say what is so distinguishing, but isn´t that always the case in enthralling music? The sing/along freaks get their happy hour in the archetypal “Metal Is the Way“. Well, MANOWAR is still making a good living out of it, aren´t they? I sincerely hope that ELM STREET can make a living out of this, and they´d be more than welcome to these parts of the world I believe…if an established artist dares to bring them on board…

Track List
Barbed Wire Metal
The Devil´s Servants
Elm St´s Children
Heavy Metal Power
King of Kings
Merciless Soldier
Metal Is the Way

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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