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Beggars & Thieves | FESTIVALPHOTO

Beggars & Thieves




1989 oddballs BEGGARS & THIEVES rose to fame as they were signed to Atlantic records after only a demo (albeit produced by Desmond Child) and five gigs. Their debut was released in December 1990 and both chartered, and was critically acclaimed. They were never a hair band, but more of a classic rock band. But in the death of hair bands, BEGGARS & THIEVES was swept along after a second album called “Look What You Create”. Main men vocalist Louie Merino and guitarist Ronnie Mancuso soldiered on in the music business as jingle makers and making music top order for the likes of NASCAR. IN 2004 they got back in the saddle, this time together with Brent Muscat (ex FASTER PUSSYCAT) under the moniker Sin City All-Stars, opening for bands like SLAUGHTER, TESLA and RATT. But the return as BEGGARS & THIEVES cames as the pair started recording what was to become this album together with JOAN JETT and THE BLACKHEARTS drummer and bass player, Thommy Price and Enzo Penizzotto. Today the band consists of Louie and Ronnie, plus experienced drummer Erik Gloege and 22-year old bass man Blake Newman.

First up this is well-executed neat little album. It may be a bit tame at times, at least for someone expected hard rock. But there is a lot of songs in the cozy vein of BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN/U2/NUFF Z´NUFF. A solid effort like this makes the music sound effortless. But the effortlessness makes it sound overly polished as well. The three first songs are like better elevator music, well suited for US radio, and very mature. “Never Gonna See You Again” is a bit of a drag that goes on forever, and is, together with the SPRINGSTEEN running-o-empty “Wash Away” the low points on the album. Yet it is all very much craftsmanship. The title track, “Beautiful Losers” and “Seven Seconds” are the paramount moments of the album. BEGGARS & THIEVES achieve radio rock with substance when they deliver. They are still very much a classic rock band, and they know how to compel without raising the pace. I never cared much for them in the 90´s, immediately revealing their classic roots and needing much more speed and heaviness myself at the time. But today I feel strangely attracted by their music…must be the age…

Track List
We Come Undone
Oil & Water
Never Gonna See You Again
Beautiful Losers
Seven Seconds
Wash Away
Midnight Blue
We Are the Brokenhearted

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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