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Mythological Cold Towers: Immemorial | FESTIVALPHOTO

Mythological Cold Towers: Immemorial



Cyclone Empire/Sound Pollution

Brazil may not be famed for its doom bands, but MYTHOLOGICAL COLD TOWERS aims to change that apparently. They have not chosen a public friendly approach, more of a tricky cult, epic and desolate way. This is their fourth album, and if the info sheet has any truth in it, be prepared to be haunted…

Wow. This is not doom in a Swedish CANDLEMASS sense of the word, this is nothing like the ST
VITUS ultra-slow US doom either. The Brazilians; Samej, vocals, Nechron and Shammash on guitars, and Hamon on drums, are truly unique. The info claims they play melancholic death-doom, but I don´t know. The songs are almost hypnotic, like masses, and they feel somewhat dizzy and as if the band was on dope. The vocals are very husky, and not sharp in any way, not my type at all. The death part may only be the almost catchy death doom of “The Shrines of Ibez”. I´d say that they are not in the death genre at all. The arrangements are not European at all, which may be an obstacle over here. I must confess to using the ff-button quite often. If you have an open mind and a serious doom penchant, this may be for you. The hoi polloi in general are probably better off with more household names of the genre.

Track List
Lost Path to Ma-Noa
Enter the Halls...
The Shrines of Ibez
Like an Ode Forged in Immemorial Eras
Fallen Race

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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