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Awake: Forever More | FESTIVALPHOTO

Awake: Forever More




UK progressive act AWAKE returns four years after their label debut, with some adjustments done. Former guitarist Richar Hall has left, replaced by remaining guitarist Andy Coles brother Steven. A female backing vocalist in the shape of Jennifer Hardy has been brought in too. The line up is completed by vocalist Simon Shedwell, bass player Chris Le Motte, keyboardist Craig Burkitt, and drummer Alex Townsend. A lot of personal emotions seem to have been infused in this album, and a sonic punch is also promised. Let´s see how this album survives in the flood of new music…

The beautiful intro “Intro – Into the Storm” sort of builds up tension, a promising start. But the quite heavy but patchy “Out of Control” fails to profit of the good start. Luckily “Release Me”is a faster and more refrain-centered piece, well arranged and with a fine riff. It should have been track number two really. Of the first half, only “Release me” hits the right buttons with me. The rest are too slow, too nineties in their heaviness and lack of positivism. But the second half of the album is filled with the promised passion, especially in “Bleed from You”. The nice melodic pattern cuts through the rather heavy basics without being muffled. Instead it is quite beautiful, a fine way of conveying emotions. The title track is hidden away in the back, which is a mystery. It may only be a short 4.16, in prog circles, but it has a big sound combines with an emotional passion and solid musicianship. The main foundation may well be the dreary nineties, but the solid flow of feelings and invested own feelings lifts AWAKE above the rest. Not up to an almighty position, but still to a position where they can challenge many others.

Track List
Intro-Into the storm
Out of Control
Release Me
Drift Away
Closing the Doors
Bleed from You
For the Moment
Hold On
One Wish
Forever More

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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