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Strangeways: Age of Reason | FESTIVALPHOTO

Strangeways: Age of Reason



Dangerous Dog Records/Border

Scottish band STRANGEWAYS formed in the early eighties and did three albums in six years that made them hot; the self titled, “Native Sons” and “Walk in the Fire”. The band name might have been aptly since they seem to have been ripped off my managers and record companies alike, but still returned for two more obscure albums in the nineties. The 21ct century opened with a new album, “Gravitational Pull”, and nothing more until they returned on Frontiers Records with “Perfect World” in 2010. Now they´re on their own label and united in full; vocalist Terry Brock, guitarist Ian J. Stewart, bassist David Stewart, keyboard player David Moore and drummer Jim Drummond. Still eager not to be pinned down in a certain genre you never know what to expect. Hopefully the old departing vocalist problem will not arise again…

Now, lay back and sedate. This is STRANGEWAYS, not your ordinary screechy metal band but distinguished and soothing music close to AOR. “The Sentinel” opens along that description. It is somewhat anonymous but still a mighty fine track with the right style for the band. “Run” emphasizes that feeling, and has a better refrain still. The voice, the compulsion to raise a lighter in the air, the cozy guitar and the sensitive lyrics all work like a charm. “Call” even evokes some magnificent Scottish atmosphere, in spite of the American at the mike. And “End of the Day” does nothing to harm their chances of a triumphant return. But hold it, there is more. “Alive Again” has a ring of MAGNUM meeting up with TOM PETTY, the pace is well suited and this track will be talked about. The album has more Scotland in it, something like a Scottish U2, some nineties rock and solid musicianship. Compared to their previous Frontiers effort this is more solid. No doubt an album that grows on you. The only threat is the standard anonymity of the soft adult rock that sometimes rears its ugly head…

Track List
The Sentinel
Playin´ It Over
As We Fall
End of the Day
Alive Again
Silver Moon
Long Road www.facebook/strangeasfolk

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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