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Mystic Prophecy: Ravenlord | FESTIVALPHOTO

Mystic Prophecy: Ravenlord



Massacre/Sound Pollution

Seventh album from MYSTIC PROPHECY, the one no one ever thought would arrive. The band has changed a lot over the years, but also a great previous album called “Fireangel”. One album per annum has been skipped because of extensive touring with STRATOVARIUS, and upheaval, but the R.D. Liapakis fronted outfit is back. The rest of the band consists of guitarists Markus Pohl and the great Constantine, bass player Connie Andreszka and drummer Tyronne Silva. Will this album be the definitive metal album of 2011?

Well the opening title track is a surefire melodic heaviness. The mid-paced piece is heavy and boosts a melody to die for. But “Die Now” may not be the best of tracks. Sure it´s average or slightly more, but not all that interesting. The guitar work is quite impressive, so are most of the refrains, e.g. Eyes of the Devil”, “Cross of Lies” and “Wings of Destiny”. The main letdown is the rather running-on-empty “Reconing Day”, in spite of being an uptempo track with some refrain it´s just not up to par with the rest on the album. The drum sound is somewhat thin in songs like “Damned Tonight” and on the speedy take on OZZY´s “Miracle Man”. The latter displays Constantine (surely sounds like his instrumental release) and the rest from a fine angle, plus R.D.´s vocals, but the drumming is plain flat. Still this album will cause more touring, and the drums are fine in many songs, but the eighth album may be the definitive step further up the ladder of stardom? I´m sure there will be an album no. 8…

Track List
Die Now
Eyes of the Devil
Cross of Lies
Wings of Destiny
Endless Fire
Damned Tonight
Reckoning Day
Miracle Man (OZZY Cover)
Back with the Storm (Bonus Track)

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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