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Dying Humanity: Living on the Razor´s Edge | FESTIVALPHOTO

Dying Humanity: Living on the Razor´s Edge



Bastardized/Sound Pollution

Germany´s DYING HUMANITY arose in 2006, and soon released their first outing, a demo called “The Origins of DyH”. They did well enough to debut with Restrain Records in 2007, and their first opus was called “Fallen Paradise”. In 2009 their second official album, “Fragments of an Incomplete Puzzle” followed. For the all-important third album the band opted for a concept album on the topic of how we humans destroy our existence on a daily basis. DYING HUMANITY promises to be refreshing, in difference to “tons of superficial, mediocre and forgettable releases”. That was no small words… You have a lot to prove guys…

Opener “Clarity of Mind” may have the grooves, but reveals nothing else of grandeur. The instrumental ”Inception” is far more revealing, of an educated guitarist who can play, at least. But when both “Blinded” and “Til the End” are finished I realize the potential of DYING HUMANITY. They mix grooves, an almost AOR-like sense of melody and brutality in a way that few have succeeded with. Unfortunately those two tracks are outstanding on the album, which is sometimes plagued by worse growl than usual and some really wooden drumming. But I smell something promising in the aforementioned tracks plus the instrumentals. The arrangements are also superior at times, as long as the “we want to make you turn away in horror growls and drums” are not interfering. Simply put, I think there are superior qualities that, like an alien, want out of Ripley! Don´t hold back the next time, because I´m only gentle once…

Track List
Clarity of Mind
Til the End
Welcome to the Abyss
Between Angel and Beast
Revenge and Murder

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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