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Mollo/Martin: The Third Cage | FESTIVALPHOTO

Mollo/Martin: The Third Cage




Italian guitarist/producer Dario Mollo and ex. BLACK SABBATH and solo vocalist TONY MARTIN are not new to each other. As the title states this is their third mutual effort, tailing on successes like the first and third cage. The first was releases in 1999 and their second mutual cage arrived at the scene in 2002. Now they return, ten years later. I hope that they can repeat their previous outings and that time has not left them behind.

Opener and video track “Wicked World” is definitely on the gloomy side. The refrain is clear and very present but the result is an ok opener, merely. But when they change gear into “Cirque du Freak” the DIO grooves ensues, the refrain really rocks and the keyboard pattern by Dario Patti, or Brian War, the info states both without explanation, is in exactly the right places. The album echoes of the duos ventures into classic rock, Dario´s been involved with both GRAHAM BONNET and GLENN HUGHES, and Tony needs no further explanation. So I guess the opener might be as depressed as any old rocker on record these day, while the rest is more of a return to form. The blues says hello in a track like “Can´t Stay Here” and the seventies get their share in album closer “Violet Moon”. But it´s the many strong refrains and the flirts with bands like DIO and RAINBOW that earns them the mark. This is nowhere near Tony´s dire solo album “Scream” so I´ll recommend this to any one into classic hard rock.

Track List
Wicked World
Cirque du Freak
Oh My Soul
One of the Few
Still in Love with You
Can´t Stay Here
Don´t Know What It Is About You
Blind Fury
Violet Moon

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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