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Myon: Call of the Senses (single) | FESTIVALPHOTO

Myon: Call of the Senses (single)



Myon Music

Finnish band MYON has been releasing music since 1998, and this is their third single out of three singles and four full-length albums. According to the info sheet MYON is taking music in a new direction and brings rock back to the new era in 2012. This is an ambitious outline, can they live up to it?

The track in itself must be written with the best intentions in mind. The crisp keyboards and the catchy keys pattern sure bring the 80´s to mind. But the refrain is merely ok, the drum sound is a bit dull and I somewhere detect a feeling similar to that of PHENOMENA III. But I think it will take more effort to become the hottest name in rock.

Track List
Call of the Senses

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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